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American Dragon Boat Association

United States Dragon Boat Federation

The Dragon Boat Channel

Pan Am Dragon Boat

Great White North Dragon Boat

Wikipedia on Dragon Boating

Reflections on Paddling by Judith Strasser
printed in Canoecopia Gazette 2009

The Dragons are Coming by Evi Hungerford
printed in Canoecopia Gazette 2010

How to Train Your Dragon - Isthmus | Daily Page - David Medaris

Ride the Dragon by Nancy Saulsbury
printed in Canoecopia Gazette 2015

Midwest Weekends - Waking the Dragon

2017 Regional Dragon Boat Festivals

Pride of the Fox Riverfest, St. Charles, IL  

Capital Lakes Dragonfest 2017, Madison, WI  June 17

Milwaukee Dragon Boat Festival, Milwaukee, WI 

Big Blue Dragon Boat Festival, La Crosse, WI  

Chicago International Dragon Boat Festival, Arlington Heights, IL 

Half Moon Dragon Boat Festival, Eau Claire, WI  

Badger Lake Dragon Boat Bash, Ft. Dodge, IA 

Minocqua Dragon Boat Festival, Minocqua, WI   August 20

Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival , Superior, WI 

Dubuque Dragon Boat Festival, Dubuque, IA 


Paddling Technique Tips

Dragonboat Technique: DragonMax Demonstrates Smooth Stroke

DragonMax Demonstrates the Violent Stroke


History of Dragon Boating
Dragon Boating and Cancer
Survivors (pdf article)

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