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Rules of Competition

Race Committee

The management of the competition shall be in the hands of a race committee, which shall consist of:

The Race Committee shall:

  1. Hear any protests that may be made and settle any disputes that may arise. In the event of a protest involving an international team.
  2. Decide matters concerning disqualification in cases where the regulations have been broken during the competition. The decision of the committee shall be based on the rules as shown in this document.
  3. Before any decision is made regarding an alleged infraction of the rules, the committee shall hear the opinion of the officials who were in control of the race at that time. (The race committee shall caucus and determine the appropriate actions as a group.)

The race committee may disqualify any competitor who behaves improperly, or who by his/her conduct or speech shows contempt towards the officials, other competitors, or onlookers.

A member of the race committee may not participate in a judgment concerned with his/her team, or a member thereof (however all the committee members shall give their full support to the final decision and act as a cohesive group).

Official Timing Procedure

Stopwatches or other accurate timing devices shall be used to time the race heats.

There shall be at least one backup timer per lane using a manual stopwatch. The team with the fastest time shall be declared the winner.

1. General
1.1 A team representative from each team shall attend an orientation of the race regulations prior to the races.
1.2 Written guidelines and the race rules shall be available to teams upon request prior to the competition.
1.3 All boats and paddles used by the competitors shall be provided by the race officials. Race officials shall assure that paddles of various lengths and weights are equally distributed among boats. The allocation of boats and paddles to individual teams shall be at the discretion of the officials. The race organizer shall provide an experienced Dragon Boat steersperson unless the team has a steersperson who is experienced and approved by the practice committee

The officials shall not be responsible for any failure of equipment during a race and each team is advised to carefully check the boat and paddles before racing and request any spares. The race officials are obligated to replace damaged equipment at the request of a team before the team leaves the marshaling area.

For Hong Kong style racing, paddlers may bring their own paddles, but all paddles must meet the USDBF competition standards.

1.3.1 Paddlers are not permitted to alter the supplied paddles in any way -- including but not limited to -- applying sticky or waxy substances to the shaft and roughening the hand gripping surfaces.
1.4 A team is under the control of the race officials from the time it is called to the team assembling area, or twenty minutes before the time of its race, if earlier, until it leaves the team assembly area after its race. Races or practices will not be held up for missing paddlers.
1.5 Kneepads and/or gloves may be worn; however, any other equipment (automatic bailers, spray skirts, cushions, etc.) or modifications to the boat not be allowed.
1.6 Each team must have a representative, who must be present during the time that the team is under the control of the race officials.

The team representative shall be responsible for liaising with race officials.

1.7 Once in the marshaling area or on the racecourse, teams must obey any instructions given to them by race officials.
1.8 All competitors must be fourteen years of age or older at the time of the event. A responsible adult must accompany any competitor under eighteen years of age. The adult has responsibility for the competitor's conduct. (This adult may be the crew captain.)
1.9 The race organizer reserves the right to refuse any team entry into a race if the team does not comply with the race rules and conduct.
1.10 Any team that fails to observe these rules may be disqualified.
1.11 Signaling devices such as radio communications or other electronic items (intercoms, etc.), shall not be used by any team during the races.
1.12 Only the drum and drum sticks provided shall be used to signal the stroke rate; whistles, rattles, air horns or any other noise making devices are prohibited from use.
1.13 Respect the equipment. Do not scrape paddles along the gunwales of the boat. This creates potential splinters and ruins the boats and paddles.
1.14 Do not sit or stand on life jackets. This shortens the life span of the jackets.
2. Safety

2.1 All participants, staff, and volunteers must initial that they have read and understand the Capital Lakes Dragonfest Safety Plan prior to the event.

2.2 Use common sense. If the safety rules are followed by all, everyone can have a day that is fun and injury free.
2.3 The race committee reserves the right to refuse the use of the dragon boat or equipment to any team member failing to follow these rules.
2.4 Liability waivers must have been signed by every participant. Each competitor is solely responsible for his/her own safety during official practice sessions and during races and no responsibility shall be accepted by the race officials, any official volunteer, or any sponsoring organization for any injury, damage or loss incurred or born by competitors or members of a team




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